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Husainova Svetlana

Husainova Svetlana

Specialist in tax law 

  .    .25 years old, working as a practitioner for 5 years, in the sphere of taxation 7 months


 1998-2003 - Institute of Management and Law, Urals State Law Academy. Lawyer. Topic of the final paper: State registration of incorporated persons
 2003-2006 Urals State Economic University. Economist.
Topic of the final paper: Budgeting as a method of the companys financial activity management
 July 1994 English Language Course at Ryerson Politechnic University (Canada)
 August 2001 Writing skills development programme
 April 2003 Training programme: Joint-stock companies: new tendencies in legal regulation and activity planning
 August 2003 Seminar: Land.  Normative acts. Execution and registration
 May 2005 - Training programme: Execution of judgement
 September 2005 Training programme: Contract law
 December 2005 Training programme: Property: demands, origin, defense
 February 2006 Training programme: How to win in court. Technology. The latest arbitral practice. 

Sphere of professional interests:

 Drawing up complex, non-standard contracts, analysis of civil law agreements in terms of tax consequences.
 Advice on tax law.
 Preparation of legal reports.
 Representation in arbitrage.

Academic achievements:

Articles on taxation