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Ardashev Vladimir

Managing partner; expert in private law, taxation and external economic activities; business consultant.

  .  ,     ,   ,    .35 years old, working as a practitioner for 12 years.

Sphere of professional interests:

Strategic business planning and external economic activities, business modeling (establishment of company groups, holding companies, tax risks management), overwhelming support of investment projects, including external economic activities, Due diligence, tax and business consulting, optimization of contract work, tax planning, including international; mediation (out-of-court settlement of economic disputes), applied psychology (legalconflictology)

Academic achievements:

Teaching at Law and Economic Higher Schools for 4 years.

Author of a great number of articles in mass media and the Internet on complex problems in the sphere of taxation, methods of dealing with tax and economic conflicts, analysis of tax disputes and tax risks control.

Author of reports on the problems of tax administration and tax reforms.

Seminars, master classes, trainings:

Conducting business seminars for 7 years.

Author of business seminars, master classes and trainings on business planning for the business leaders and specialists, contract work and taxation, including the following:

  • Taxation optimization today: tax risks control.
  • Tax security of business. Planning, dishonesty, pseudo optimization.
  • Ways of successful adjudication of tax disputes. How to win in court. Modern arbitration practice.
  • Planning and optimization of contract work and taxation when dealing with foreign contractors.
  • Tax checks: instruction for a tax expert.
  • Companys contract work: business planning; legal optimization; reduction of expenses, taxes and risks.
  • External economic transactions: private law, tax and customs aspects.
  • Complex aspects of value-added tax calculation and payment: taxpayers mistakes, contradictions in law, arbitration practice.
  • Ways of value-added tax compensation, including the one on export deals.
  • Mediation: business planning, legal regulation and taxation.